About us  
At B-Fit, gym you will find the world class strength equipments. Take a look at B-Fit gym, what we have lined up for you. What is more, you will never have to wait your turn at a machine simply because we have so many of them
Group exercise is a very important part of cardiovascular workout-infact; it is an excellent exercise programmed for men and women. Our studio programs offer an exciting range of classes including-BASIC AEROBICS-STEP AEROBICS-BALL AEROBICS-FINAL CUTS-MATPILATE-BALL AEROBICS-BODY BALANCE-CONDITIONING AND PILATES-FINAL CUTS-KICK BOXING and much more

The studio is built on a fully sprung floor for your safety and the programs have been designed specifically to cater for the needs of all ages and abilities as well as at times that will suit you
B-Fit recognizes that its members represent all different levels of fitness .Accordingly, whether you are a beginner or an experienced athlete or body builder, we’ve created an Environment in which you can feel comfortable.

Cardio workouts are an essential part of an effective training programmed to achieve good health. In our cardio we have lined up for you -Tread mills Recumbent Bike, Cross Trainers, Spin Bikes....
B-Fit – Provides two indoor wooden shuttle courts where you can play badminton.
Sit back, relax. The experience of steam will leave your body and mind totally replenished.
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